The Brain & Spine Institute

The Brain & Spine Institute – ICM

The Brain & Spine Institute – ICM, a private foundation recognized as a public benefit organization, was founded in 2005 with the goal of preventing, treating and eventually curing brain and spinal cord disorders.

Located in the heart of the Hopsital de la Pitité Salpêtrière in Paris, this 22 000 square meter institute is one of the leading centers wordlwide for the treatment of neurological diseases.

One of the priorities of the ICM is to find treatments that will halt the progress and eventually cure such neurodegenerative diseases as Alzheimer’s, Parkinsnon’s and ALS ( Lou Gehrig’s disease), and to help victims of traumatic injury to the spinal cord recover adequate motor function.

It’s primary goal is to find concrete answers in terms of fundamental and therapeutic science in order to alleviate, cure, prevent, and repair diseases of the brain and spinal cord.

Neurological afflictions concern almost one billion people in the world.

This figure will rise even further with population aging

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600 researchers, technicians and engineers from around the world are working together at ICM to find new treatments for these diseases that attack the nervous system.

In 2014, les Voiles de Saint Barth have decided to support this research’s effort by giving a platform to the ICM and organizing a gala soirée to benefit the Brain & Spine Institute. Almost 70 000 euros has been collected.

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By supporting the ICM, you are helping their researchers work toward the prevention, cure and treatment of neurological disorders.

We are counting on your generosity!