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Stéphanie Grévin – Ostéopath D.O

Osteopath, sports doctor, and former high-level athlete, Stéphanie Grévin provides treatments to best prepare you for the competition and help you recuperate between races, with an eye toward diminishing risks and injuries while also optimizing your performance.

Consultations by appointment

Address: 06 rue de la République, Gustavia

Tel: + 590 6 90 71 36 15

Thomas Philippon – Chiropracteur 

holds a degree from Chiropractor obtained in 2001 to the Institut Franco-European Chiropractic (IFEC) in Paris and member of the French Association of Chiropractic.

Consultations on appointments

Address: Villa Créole – St Jean

Tel: + 590 6 90 29 11 01